Systeméd™ HTM71 Modular Storage

Systeméd™ -  the leading brand of Cabinetry & Trolleys specifically designed for the medical and scientific environment.

The Systeméd™ range represents years of research and experience of working within the medical environment and with hospital staff. Products are designed to the highest standards to help staff meet the situations they encounter every day.

Recognising the benefits of the modular storage concept early in the project design stages will help ensure that medical staff are not disappointed with the lack of storage provision when they move into their new areas.

Systeméd™ HTM71 Cabinetry & Trolleys revolve around the international ISO 600mm x 400mm size storage module and feature a wide range of internal accessories to suit the specific products being stored. Plain shelf cabinets are similar in cost to traditional size cabinets but have the advantage that they can be upgraded at a later stage with internal accessories as required to provide greater storage capacity. Cabinets are designed for the robust healthcare environment for intense usage and additional strength features are built in as standard to provide long lasting trouble free usage.

Systemed Stirling Medical HTM71