Future Proofing

HTM71 Module

With the increasing financial constraints and future potential changes the ability to future proof an area is becoming very important and consideration for this needs to take place at early design stages. Using the HTM71 module throughout a hospital gives the ability to change the cabinet to suit with the room function very simply:-  Cabinets that are fitted with shelves for an office can be simply upgraded with a multitude of accessories to suit every procedure if required or the other way round.

Stirling Medical HTM71   Stirling Medical HTM71 DS2


Another consideration is whether to dress new flooring up the cabinet plinths or to run it to the walls and instead seal the cabinet plinths to the new floor. Dressing flooring up the cabinet plinth may provide a longer term solution for cleaning but does mean that if the room is changed around at a later date the cabinets cannot be moved without the flooring having to be re-done. Either option can be taken. 

Stirling Medical Plinth Options