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HTM Fitted Furniture Downloads

HTM Fitted Furniture Downloads

Download Brochures & Colour Charts

Download Brochures & Colour Charts

Heathcare Furniture Colour Chart

Stirling Systemed HTM Furniture Colour Chart Updated October 2019

The full Stirling Design Manual

This Design Manual contains room design notes, component codes etc..and is the key to the BIM and ADB data that is available to download from this portal. Please request your…

Stirling Medical Worktop Code list

This is the key list of different worktop types available from Stirling Medical, including the codes used. 1 page.

Systemed Modular HTM71 Brochure

Stirling's modular HTM71 range of cabinetry includes many feature such as interchangeable inserts, trays, baskets etc.. This brochure explains the key benefitsof using the system in all medical projects.

Stirling Medical CD Safes

Datasheet for Stirling Medical's range of Controlled Drug metal safes.

Stirling Overview

An overview of products & services that Stirling Medical offers

Systeméd Product Information

Guide to core materials Cabinetry Hardware Cabinet types Worktop specifier 49pp

Stirling Applications

Sample Room Layouts How to use Systeméd products Specification tips Product Listing 29pp

Systeméd Product Manual

Design Stage 2 HTM71, 63 Medical Furniture Cabinet Ranges & dimensions Trays & Baskets Worktop Details 93pp

CAD Downloads

CAD Downloads

2D CAD drawings to download

Download Brochures & Colour Charts

Systeméd 2D CAD

2D CAD Drawings for Design Stage 1 & Design Stage 2

BIM Downloads

BIM Downloads

Download BIM/Revit families & room templates

Download Brochures & Colour Charts

Project BIM - an introduction to Stirling's BIM assets

Download this 4 page introduction to Stirling Medical's BIM support assets

Stirling Revit Cabinetry Stage 1 families

This set if Revit families is set in 'Design Stage 1': these are cabinet blocks with door options and no internals such as trays or baskets. Use this for Stage…


This PDF list is the key to the 200+ BIM/Revit components within the download set below. The key also to ADB cabinet & worktop codes.

Stirling BIM COMPONENTS - 200+ families

This download contains 200+ BIM/Revit ADB-enabled product models for use in hospitals. Cabinetry,Worktops, Trolleys, Desks....


These 25no Exemplar ROOM TEMPLATES are ADB-enabled layouts of common repeatable rooms with a medical estate. Fully furnished Revit room models ready to drop into any project. For support information,…

The full Stirling Design Manual

This Design Manual is available in hard copy - please request your copy. BIM & ADB room template design notes, component lists etc..

Accreditations/ Environmental Documents

Accreditations/ Environmental Documents

CHAS, ISO documents

Download Brochures & Colour Charts


ISO9001 Certification 2018-21

CHAS Certificate

CHAS Accreditation Certificate 2019-20


Constructionline Certificate - download a copy

Trolley Brochure Downloads

Trolley Brochure Downloads

Download NEW i11 Brochure now!

Download Brochures & Colour Charts

Trolleys & Equipping i11

Emergency, Anaesthetic, Procedure, Medication Trolleys. Laundry & Dressings Trolleys. Specialist Hospital Chairs 100pp

Trolley Case Studies

View Systeméd Trolleys in use! 4no. Case Studies of hospitals successfully using Systeméd products.



Download Brochures & Colour Charts

Download Brochures & Colour Charts

VIRSEAL Panel Systems

IPS Handwash Stations IPS Duct Systems Cubicle Systems Vanity Units Grab Rails


Pre-manufactured IPS Handwash Stations Options & Prices 6pp

Premium Downloads

ADB Dataset Download

ADB Dataset Download

Download Stirling's ADB Dataset with 200+ components and 25 room templates

Download Brochures & Colour Charts

ROOM Template C-Sheets

This is a compilation of the 25no. ADB ROOM TEMPLATES in C-Sheet layout. These room models are all available to download in BIM/Revit format from the BIM section of this…


This PDF list is the key to the 200+ ADB components within the STI2015 Rev1 ADB Dataset. Need a cabinet or worktop and don't know the code? Here is the…

Stirling Medical ROOM TEMPLATES Design notes

This PDF document contacins design notes for the 25no. Exemplar room templates contained within the STI2015 Rev1 ADB Dataset. Key notes to consider when designing these critical areas

STI2015 Rev 1 ADB Dataset

This dataset contains plug-in data for the DH ADB Activity Database program.  Includes 25 room templates for repeatable rooms (Clean Utility etc..) and 200+ real-life accurate products. This will save…