BIM Design Manual

Stirling Medical and Scientific Ltd have worked closely with the Department of Health ADB software designers and have produced a complete set of Revit-enabled 3D components and exemplar layout designs with guidance notes for the most important hospital rooms and areas. Now for the first time, architects and hospital estates personnel working with room design and space planning can identify specific products to go with the ADB code and design a room that is compliant with the latest HBN recommendations with suitable provision for storage.

The Stirling Medica Design Manual includes:

  • BIM/Revit Room Templates (25no. 3D models)
  • BIM/Revit Components (200+no. 3D models)
  • ADB Stirling Dataset incl:
    • Room Models
    • ADB accurate components 
  • Template Design notes
  • CAD blocks
  • Stirling Medical information

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