Fast Track Items

Mar 19, 2020

The COVID-19 challenges have changed all of our priorities: the focus now is to be ready for the increase in the number of patients needing treatment.


Here at Stirling Medical, we are changing things here to support you better. Over the past week our customers have made urgent requests for replacement IPS Handwash Stations, mobile treatment spaces, clinical space upgrades and we are gearing up for the challenge. The need for speed is evident.


So, apart from our revised policies to ensure the well-being of our valued team, we are introducing shift work to increase production capacity, aimed to fast track some of the following items:

  • Pre-Assembled IPS Handwash Stations, Taps & Basins
  • Solid Grade Laminate (Trespa) worktops & panels for Clinical spaces
  • Clinical Workspaces, fitted & mobile (incl. modular Clean Utilities & Drug Preparation areas)
  • Bedside units
  • Mobile Handwash stations (mains fed & stand alone)

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