Clinical Labelling

Oct 26, 2017

Having your medical stock correctly labelled is a very cost-effective means to create an efficient working environment and help speed up stock identification and retrieval times for the ward staff. We provide a range of label holders that are particularly suited for this task. It can be amazing what benefits can be achieved very simply.

Labelling Tips

Make your print clear and easy to read, choose the correct label holders to suit the accessory or cabinet. Choose a wipe clean surface and implement a methodical and systematic labelling sequence. You can use colour coded labels to help identify different stock types and locations and create an organised environment that will assist new staff to locate what they need more simply.

Clear ridged plastic label holder that clips securely over ABS trays and baskets. Supplied with a large 100mm x 50mm plain label as the standard for printing on with product names and barcodes.
This label holder is suited for wire baskets as shown in the main photo above. Supplied with a large 100mm x 50mm plain label covered with a wipe clean surface for printing on with product names and barcodes.
100mm wide label holder that clips into the front aluminium rail of the Esplan pharmacy system. These labels can be positioned at any position along the shelf front to suit with the divider locations on the shelves
Large format A4 label holder particularly suited for large stock areas like Theatre stores to help provide immediate identification of what is being stored in each cabinet. Very useful to assist new staff to locate items that are needed quickly.
For the organised stock room where each tray or cabinet is identified against a central register. Cabinet labelling should follow a methodical sequence to achieve maximum benefit.
These self-adhesive label holders are 100mm x 100mm and provide a simple and neat solution for ensuring labels on cabinet doors are all the same size. Helps eliminate the problem of defacing new smart cabinets with ‘home-made’ labels of all shapes and sizes.